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Recycled equipment.

Please feel free to browse, or call us on 0845 3888 746 / 01905 426364 to discuss your requirements.


Recycled equipment.

recycles send user computersWe often take in old systems from a variety of sources, and often they have plenty of useful life left in them. In these cases we refurbish them with the same care as we put into building a new system. The hard drives are securely wiped to remove old data. The system is stripped & cleaned. Then re-assembled and a fresh copy of the appropriate operating system installed, along with the usual collection of utilities. Finally the system is offered for sale with a 30-day warranty.

The selection is always changing, so please feel free to give us a ring to inquire.

Recycled Laptops.

refurbished laptopsGood second-hand laptops tend to be less common than desktops. Owners tend to use laptops until they break, and most laptop repairs are not cost-effective at this level.

Nevertheless we do have the occasional suitable unit, so please feel free to inquire.

Recycled PC systems.


refurbished pc computersDesktop PC units suitable for recycling are more common, as there are a number of “power users” out there who upgrade more frequently than the majority. Their equipment is often “state of the art” (for the time it was built), and so makes an excellent system for the less demanding user.

We find these machines are popular as normal SoHo computers or second machines for the children to use.

Most days we have a selection from 99

Recycled Components.


recycled componentsWhen we break old systems any re-usable components are removed, cleaned & stored. This gives us a stock of components that we can use to repair old systems, or make the the best of any systems we are refurbishing for sale. So, if you’re after an old bit to repair your system then it’s worth giving us a call to see if we have one in stock...

End of life.


WEEEEventually components do reach a stage when they have no further use. At this point (after ensuring that all data is securely wiped) the equipment is either donated to a charity (for training) or deposited with the appropriate recyclers.

For further information on WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) see the Environment Agency’s website.

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