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Below is a selection of our products.

Please feel free to browse, or call us on 0845 3888 746 / 01905 426364 to discuss your requirements.

Bespoke systems.

Repairs & upgrades.

LaptopIf you are after a new system - servers, desktop, laptop or tablet - then contact us.

We have the experience and the contacts to recommend the right equipment for you, and dig out the best deals.

RAM kitExisting systems can often be quickly and inexpensively repaired and/or upgraded to extend their life. Whether it’s more RAM, a larger hard drive or even the latest version of Windows, it’s worth asking us before deciding on a new machine.

For the older computer we have huge experience and stock of hard-to-find spares to get you going.

Networks & infrastructure.

Recycled equipment.

InternetInternet connectivity and the associated networking is an essential part of modern life. If your links are below par we can help.

Setting up broadband connections, wireless links or VPNs are all tasks we perform regularly.

earthrecycWhen equipment reaches the end of it’s usefulness with one owner it needs to be dealt with responsibly. Often equipment can be refurbished and upgraded and find a new lease of life with a less demanding owner. Sometime useful spares can be salvaged to repair other machines of similar vintage. Eventually though, all machines will reach the end of their useful life. In these cases any data is wiped from the drives, and the machines are dismantled and the parts sent to the appropriate recycling operation.

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worcesters first line support for IT systems 

worcesters first line support for IT systems 

worcesters first line support for IT systems 

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