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20140625_152906This customer’s PC was originally purchased from Evesham Micros (remember them?) way back. Since then we have installed upgrade kits consisting of an Intel P4, an Intel Core2Duo and now a 4th generation Intel i5 with a hybrid hard drive drive.

This may seem odd, but the original parts that remain (i.e. the case) is a robust unit representing several kilograms of steel and plastic. It’s ‘old-school’ sturdy, and 100% compatible with the modern parts that have been fitted. It fits in the customers desk just right, so there’s no need to replace it. We can’t really remember, but we think the DVD-ROM drive is original as well.

From our point of view, it’s nice to work on. Spacious, all the steel edges are rounded off, and the motherboard tray hinges out: features seldom found on cases costing below 100.

The rebuild costs a few pounds less, raw materials are conserved and we don’t cut our fingers doing the rebuild. So we’re all winners: unless you really hate beige!


worcesters first line support for IT systems 

worcesters first line support for IT systems 

worcesters first line support for IT systems 

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