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Below is a selection of the services we offer.

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Support contracts & system management.

Modern telephony.

help-button1After considerable research, Back Office IT has invested in a market-leading management suite. This enables us to pro-actively monitor and manage your systems, and resolve many issues remotely, providing you with a faster, more efficient service. Learn more here.

yealink27The idea of transmitting your telephone calls over the Internet is not new - systems such as Skype have been around for years. But it is only recently that our national broadband infrastructure has become fast enough (and reliable enough!) to make this a viable business offering. There is huge value to be had - find out more here.

Help & Advice.

Security systems & allied software.

Help_button_smHelping & advising our clients is the core of our business. Even if you are not a contract customer, please feel free to contact us with your requirements. Learn more here.

AVG security anti virus softwareSecurity of your systems is becoming ever more important, especially as we do more and more online. We are AVG partners, with special emphasis on their new “CloudCare” system. If you're in difficulties ask us soon rather than later. Learn more here.


High speed / high availability broadband.


network-cable-ethernet-computer-159304Reliable, high speed, broadband is an absolute essential for any modern business. Relying on domestic-grade suppliers and/or equipment simply isn't an option. As well as the performance on offer, there are also security issues to consider.

Learn more here.


Business Continuity.

tapebackupBackup is the single most important thing a business (or even individuals) must do. The majority of businesses that loose their data fail to survive the year.

It’s boring - but it’s vital! Learn more here.

Disaster recoveryThere are times when simple backup just isn’t enough. Total system loss (fire, flood & theft spring to mind here) is a different issue entirely. Whilst it is possible to recover from conventional backups, it will mean days (or weeks) of downtime and the end result may be less than perfect. Learn more here.





Managed Workplace

Solarwinds Backup


Solarwinds support

Heimdal portal




worcesters first line support for IT systems 

worcesters first line support for IT systems 

worcesters first line support for IT systems 

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